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Eco-Friendly Shipping Details

Eco-Friendly Shipping Options - "Save the's our only source for chocolate!"

We used to use packing know...those Styrofoam pieces that get full of static and then stick to everything they touch...those pieces that are not recyclable. 

Now we use packing paper and/or newspaper! We collect these papers from members of our community and use it as our packing material. Then when you get it, you can go ahead and recycle it. It won’t get full of static, it won’t track all around your house and most importantly, it won’t spend all eternity in a landfill.

  • Priority Shipping – Pretzels will be shipped Priority Mail through the USPS. Packages will be delivered 2-3 days after order is shipped.
  • Warm Weather Shipping – If you are shipping chocolate in warm or hot weather, please choose Express Shipping. We package our products to withstand the heat, but despite our best efforts, we can not guarantee that your chocolate will arrive in perfect condition nor can we issue refunds or replace damaged product in the event that damage occurs due to extremes of temperature. All candy that leaves our temperature controlled facility is inspected and is in perfect condition when shipped and will arrive in perfect condition in most cases. To ensure delivery in good condition, from May 15 through September 15 (approximately) we will only ship USPS Priority packages out on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to avoid your chocolate sitting in a hot truck over the weekend. Please choose to have your order shipped to a location where you will be present to receive the order to ensure your package won’t sit in the heat longer than necessary. You will be informed by email when your package is scheduled to arrive.

Since all orders are hand-dipped to order, please allow approximately 3 days for your order to be filled.